Zero Falls Pledge

My highest priority, when I am involved in amateur radio antenna and tower work, is safety. I commit to take the actions necessary to create a safe environment for myself and for others when I engage in this kind of work. I commit that:

I Will Think Ahead
I will plan, identify and mitigate risks - in advance.

I Will Focus on the Job
I will not allow distractions, boredom and fatigue to reduce my focus on the work at hand.

I Will Be Patient
I recognize that safe work can take more time than unsafe work. It’s ok; I will put it in the plan.

I Will Be Aware
I will maintain a constant awareness of the environment and ongoing activity, I will expect the unexpected.

I Will Be Responsible
I will take ownership of a safe work environment. I will never assume that someone else will notice and take the required action.

I Will Be Strong
I will have the strength to speak up and do what’s right - even when it’s hard

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